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  • Eric Rosenbaum

    Eric Rosenbaum

    Scratch Team, formerly at Google Creative Lab, PhD grad from MIT Media Lab, co-inventor of Makey Makey invention kit

  • Taimur


    Data scientist and writer - https://taimur.me

  • Terry Andrew Dunn

    Terry Andrew Dunn

    Biohacker, mathematician, and intuitive investor

  • Mahault Albarracin

    Mahault Albarracin

    Doctoral student in Cognitive Computing, MA in sexology. Firm believer in the potential of neo-materialism. Twitter:@MahaultAlbarra1

  • Berkman Klein Center

    Berkman Klein Center

    The Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University was founded to explore cyberspace, share in its study, and help pioneer its development.

  • Stephen Marks

    Stephen Marks

    Economist, teacher, student, dabbler in philosophy, ideas, music, and sport. Knows nothing for sure or maybe at all.

  • Deborah Ruf, PhD

    Deborah Ruf, PhD

    High Intelligence Specialist & Writer, Dr. Ruf writes about highly intelligent people from birth to very old age. www.fivelevelsofgifted.com

  • Walter Veit

    Walter Veit

    Scientist, philosopher, and writer at the University of Sydney. Homepage: walterveit.com | You can follow me on https://www.facebook.com/WalterVeitOfficialPage

  • Ivan Simpson-Kent

    Ivan Simpson-Kent

  • Lex Fridman

    Lex Fridman

    Research scientist at MIT working on human-centered AI and deep learning approaches to shared autonomy in self-driving cars. https://deeplearning.mit.edu

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