Walking A Tightrope: A Closer Look At Microsoft Education

Picture Source: LiveWire
Photo by Tadas Sar on Unsplash

What does Microsoft Education entail?

Case studies and Feedback on Microsoft Education

  • One implementation that is especially remarkable to me is the usage of the Minecraft Education Edition (game-based learning!) in 8 primary classes in France to digitally reproduce an archaeological site. The project got teachers as well as students very excited. Here’s the result:
A picture of the archaelogical site in Minecraft. Source: Microsoft Education
  • Institutions of secondary education, e.g. ones from Hungary [1] & [2], Portugal and France which tested some of Microsoft Education’s products more extensively (sometimes in form of year-long fully digital classes) report having had mostly positive experiences. Some of them voice rather steep learning curves in getting to know all the features
  • The use of some tools in Higher Education, such as Microsoft Azure in research at the University Leiden in the Netherlands and Microsoft Teams in teaching, e.g. at Imperial College London, UK, has resulted in positive feedback on usability and effectiveness



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